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Brown Martingale Collars

Brown is a classic color for a dog collar, so explore our full range of Brown Martingale Collars below. These handmade collars are all made from materials sourced in the USA, and they all boast stylish patterns incorporating subtle shades of brown. Explore them today and find your new collar.

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Warm and Stylish Brown Martingale Collars

If your dog has a lighter color coat, like white or grey, a brown collar is perfect. Brown is a warm color that goes particularly well with lighter coats, but it also goes well with black. It’s usually a good idea to choose a collar that is the opposite of your dog’s coat, but there are no rules, so choose any color you want. 

Durable Materials, Beautiful Patterns

All of our Brown Martingale Collars are handmade in North Carolina, adding a uniqueness to every one of them. Choose from a range of materials including hemp, webbing, layered, or even opt for a reflective collar for increased safety in low light conditions. Most of our collars in this category are striped, but we also have plain and patterned collars.

Need Something Else?

We have a huge range of dog collars, leashes, and other items at our store, and we’d love to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’d like one of our Brown Dog Leashes to go with your collar, or maybe you’re looking for something else like our Reflective Dog Collars for extra safety when out in the dark? Whatever you need for your pup, you can find it right here.

Choose Your Collar Today

We hope you find something you like in our range of Brown Martingale Collars. Remember, when you choose one, you can customize the buckle and even choose a custom size for your dog.

And if you have any questions about our collars or any of our other products, please get in touch and someone on the team will be happy to help.