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Dog Walking Collars & Martingales

Our stylish and durable Dog Walking Collars are perfect for taking your dog out anywhere. Strong, durable, machine washable, and adjustable, these collars combine strength, comfort, and style in one collar. And if your dog pulls too hard on walks, one of our martingales will be perfect to provide extra restraint without causing discomfort.

Walk Your Dog in Comfort and Style 

Taking your dog for a walk is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so make sure they walk in comfort, security, and style with the right walking collar. All of the collars in our collection above are strong, durable, and comfortable for your dog. We’ve also got martingales that provide extra restraint for your dog if they pull too much. So choose your style and material from the selection above and get your new walking collar here.

Stunning Collars in All Styles and Designs

You want your dog to look fantastic on his or her walk, and our Dog Walking Collars will help you do exactly that. All of our collars are handmade to order in a wide range of materials from hemp to nylon, and they are all strong and durable materials that can put up with the strains that daily walking puts on them.

And if your dog pulls too hard on their walks, or you are training a pup, make sure you look at our martingales. These help to restrain your dog without causing him or her discomfort so you can both enjoy a more enjoyable walk.

Don’t Miss Our Other Collars 

We have dog collars in all shapes, sizes, and designs at If It Barks. Take a look at our Martingale Training Collars if you’re training a pup, and explore our range of leashes including Orange Dog Leashes and many other colors to find a matching leash for your collar. 

Find the Perfect Walking Collar

You love walking your dog, so make sure they are comfortable and secure when you take them out by getting one of our high-quality Dog Walking Collars. Not only are they stylish and strong, but our collars are also easy to clean and you can just put it through the wash whenever it gets dirty. We hope you enjoy looking through our collars today, and if you have any questions about any of our products, just let us know.