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Long Lasting Dog Collar!

"My dog Ari has had her If It Barks martingale collar for over a year and it is still in excellent condition - virtually no signs of wear and tear! With her being as active and high energy as she is this really is a testament to the quality of these collars! The quality is almost too good because I want new colors for football season before she even needs a new collar!

Besides their product quality they also have superb customer service! They will go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your order. Your products are worth every penny in my opinion!"

Originally posted to our Facebook page by Allie Hill and her dog, Ari. 



Personal attention

"In our quest to find the perfect collar and leash for my 10 month old Labrador Retriever Jackson, If it Barks has exceeded all of my expectations!!! Not only was I able to match my desired colors exactly, I was also able to obtain the style, feel,  width, functionality & above all safety I was looking for.

After several attempts, too many to list  trying to match the colors of my dogs training harness I had become exhausted and was about to give up. Then I stumbled onto If It Barks during the morning news one Sunday, and let’s just say, I am so glad I did.

If It Barks proves one thing, never give up people…Nicole’s personal help on the phone is an added bonus, something you just don’t see anymore, truly sold me from the start….

I Can’t wait to begin to customize my next collar and leash for our pug Yogi."


  1. Matched colors exactly
  2. Provided desired width
  3. Available with choice of buckle & extra O ring
  4. Available in Desired Martingale Style
  5. Leash to match
  6. Prompt delivery
  7. Personal touch unsurpassed


  1. Waited way too long to make my first If It Barks purchase.

- Michael & Linda DeGrande

Design your Own Leash


Great materials you use

"The collar and leash are of an extremely high standard and quality and really tough and durable. Great material you use. I could not find a company that made such bespoke excellent collars and leashes in the UK and am so pleased we found you. My other half is also incredibly happy as the items are made in the colours of his favourite football team QPR! Merlin, our Whippet puppy, also seems very happy with the items too and they are really key tools in helping us to teach him how to walk well on a leash as we don't need to worry about it hurting his neck and throat. Plus they are tough and he hasn't managed to fray the collar by scratching or chew the leash - and he has tried his best! I will be buying another collar and leash set and am recommending If It Barks on to friends."

- Ann from the UK



I can't imagine buying any other brand

"I had never heard about a martingale collar until I noticed an If It Barks collar at the dog park. I purchased my first collar from If It Barks when my dog was a puppy. He is now 7 years old and I can't imagine buying any other brand. My dog is a scent hound who follows his nose, the martingale collar keeps him from backing out of his collar along with providing me with more control. In addition, If It Barks designs are always stylish and look great on him. Ever since I found If It Barks, I have not found another collar that is equal in terms of durability, functionality and design."

- Brooks Ann Camper, Custom Wedding Dress Desig 

Designed well and last a long time

"If It Barks was my first experience with a martingale collar and I am never going back. The collars have alleviated my dogs from pulling out and provided me with more control. They are designed well and last a long time, I would even say our Bassett actually struts a little higher when he wears his new collar.  We have wasted so much money in the past on collars that don't work.  Nicole is great to work with and we refer If It Barks to everyone!"

- Ben Overfield


Client testimonial If It Barks martingale dog collars


For health and safety reasons, these collars are the best

"The main reason I chose If It Barks is their martingale collars and the effectiveness in teaching leash training.  The collars add control and do not allow dogs to back out.  The way the collars fit on a dog, when done correctly, distributes pressure around the entire neck and avoids simply putting pressure on the trachea like a typical dog collar.  So, for health and safety reasons, these collars are the best.  I use If It Barks collars for all 5 of my dogs"

- Kate Jackson, Trainer Jabula Dog Academy

Kate Jackson, dog trainer, Jabula Dog Academy


Great customer service

"I carry a variety of martingale collars from various manufacturers in my store.  If It Barks is one of the top selling collars for me.  I even have several repeat clients collecting IIB collars. When I found If It Barks online, I thought the collars were just what I have been looking for.  Great customer service and Nicole is always helpful and kind."

- Mari Sato, Owner Bad Tail

Appreciate the personal touch and attention

"Hi Nicole,

Just wrote my review on your site. Wanted to say thanks again for your help in getting me just what I needed for my dog Lucy. I very much appreciate the personal touch and attention to detail, both in your customer service as well as your work. I love small businesses that have such drive and love for their product. And hope to contact you again very soon since my mother would like one for her Cocker Spaniel too now ;)
I attached a picture of my love wearing her new beautiful collar with such pride.
Great product!"

- Stephanie