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  • About if it barks

Your dog deserves the best in style, function, and comfort. You, dog parents, deserve one place to find all three. The solution? If It Barks!

About us

We are committed to outfitting your dog in stylish, wearable, durable, and cute dog collars, leashes and pet tags. All items are handmade to order with colorful materials that you can select to reflect your dog's unique personality. You can custom design your own dog collar or select from a wide variety of cool dog collars and leashes.

Who we are

If It Barks is a North Carolina based small business offering handmade dog collars, leashes and tags that match your dog's specifications and style.

Our specialty is martingale dog collars for their fit and function, but each design is also offered as a side release buckle dog collar, with optional coordinating leash options.

Our history

If It Barks was founded by Nicole Robbins in 2002 thanks to her dogs, Nutmeg and Oswald. They were both retired racing greyhounds. She adopted them and soon realized their dog collar needs were unique. Because their heads are smaller than their necks, they required a martingale type collar.

But why should sighthounds be the only breeds to enjoy the benefits of martingales? Instead of making the collars for two dogs, If It Barks was started to provide martingale (and eventually side-release) dog collars for all types of dogs.

Brian and Polly Godwin took over the business in 2015. They are excited to continue the mission of If It Barks - providing quality products made in the USA that show off the style and fun of owners and their dogs.

Design your own

With the "Design your Own" shopping experience, each If It Barks dog collar item is created to meet your dog's individual style, personality, and functional needs.

When you design your own collar, the options are nearly limitless! Choose from over 1 million color combinations and styles. You’ll find exactly what you need to match your dog’s style and look!

Hand-sewn & made in the USA

Our materials are sourced in the USA and each If It Barks product is hand-sewn in North Carolina by our seamstresses!