Designer Dog Leashes

If you’re looking for something a bit special, our Designer Dog Leashes are what you need. All of our stunning leashes in this category are designed to make sure you and your dog stand out. Beautifully crafted and made by hand in the USA, these leads are also super tough and durable. Explore our Designer Dog Leads here and find yours today.

Designer Leashes for Stylish Dogs

If you’re dog’s got style, make sure they can show it off with one of our Designer Dog Leads. As you’ll see when you browse through the collection above, we’ve got some stunning designs to choose from, including a huge selection of colors and patterns. So start searching and find your stylish new leash today.

Built to Last and Look Amazing

These Designer Dog Leads look fantastic, and they are perfect for dog owners and dogs who take their style seriously. We wanted to create a collection of leashes that were uniquely attractive, and we came up with a wide range of patterns and colors to suit all tastes. 

But while they may look great, these Designer Dog Leashes are also super tough. Made from durable and comfortable material, these leads are designed to last you a long time and provide extra security for your dog. So choose your style and size, and get a heavy duty lead that looks great too.

Get a Collar to Go with Your Lead 

If you’re getting a leash, you might need a new collar to go with it. We’ve got you covered with collars of every style, from our cute Puppy Collars to our Cool Dog Collars that will go perfectly with your new designer leash.

Get Your New Designer Leash Today

If you want to enjoy walking your dog in style, choose one of our Designer Dog Leashes from the collection above today. Remember that all of our leads are handmade here in North Carolina to the highest standards and are designed to be extra durable as well as look fantastic. Let us know if we can help you in your search!