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Harness Happiness Awaits!

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Colorful Combinations

Pick from a plethora of styles to craft your dog's ideal harness. With thousands of design mixes at your fingertips, let your creativity roam!
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Each If It Barks dog harness is diligently handcrafted individually by our passionate team tucked in the mountains of Western North Carolina, USA. We appreciate your support for our local venture!
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Strong & Safe

Our harnesses are not only designed for ultimate comfort but also boast top-tier durability and security, ensuring every adventure is worry-free!

Why Choose an If It Barks Dog Harness?

Harness Happiness in Every Hue!

Stepping out in style has never been so comfy! Our Webbing Dog Harness embraces both function and flair, ensuring your dog strides in confidence and comfort. Custom-tailored for an impeccable fit, our harness promises to be the vibrant and durable companion your dog has been waiting for.

Color It Your Way

Why settle for the ordinary when you can customize? With our harness, it's all about your pup's personality and style. Choose from a plethora of colors for the chest, girth, and back. Mix, match, or maintain a monochrome — the canvas is yours to paint!

Strength Meets Comfort 

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Crafted from premium nylon, our webbing not only boasts comfort but also ensures security. With a stellar break strength, you can trust our harness for both leisurely strolls and adventurous sprints.

Flexibility in Every Step

A versatile walking experience awaits! Featuring two D-Ring connection points, you have the freedom to choose how you want to lead, offering both control and ease during your walks.

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Why a Harness Might Just Be Your Dog's New Best Friend

If you're diving into the world of pet gear, you might be wondering whether a harness is right for your dog. From tiny pups to enthusiastic explorers, the world of harnesses is vast and welcoming, tailored to cater to diverse canine needs. Let’s delve deeper to see if a harness suits your dog's personality:

Eager Pullers

For those dogs that lead the charge and pull on walks, harnesses can spread out the pressure, preventing neck strain.

Petite Breeds

For our smaller buddies, harnesses are extremely helpful, steering clear of their delicate necks and throats.

Escape Artists

Crafty canines that wriggle out of standard collars can benefit from the snug fit a harness provides... Or double up for extra safety!

Breathing-Conscious Breeds

Flat-faced breeds or those with respiratory concerns can breathe easier with a harness.

Training in Progress

For pups learning the ropes of leash etiquette, a harness offers gentle control without tugging.
In short: YES! When it comes to dog-walking essentials, is there a dreamier pairing than the collar and harness combo? Navigating the expansive world of pet gear, one might consider the benefits of this dynamic duo. Let’s unwrap the benefits of marrying the traditional collar with the supportive hold of a harness:

Versatile Ventures

Use the top D-ring for relaxed strolls and switch to the front D-ring for those active, adventure-filled moments or moments when you need more control. 

2x the Safety

With both a collar and harness in place, there's a backup in the event of escapes, reducing the chances of your dog breaking totally free.

IMPORTANT: A harness is never appropriate for unsupervised tie-out use.

Transitioning Ease

Introducing a harness? Using it alongside a collar helps your pup adjust seamlessly.
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For a standard flat collar or a martingale with a buckle, measuring is a simple process:

Using a soft measuring tape*, measure around your dog’s neck where their collar would normally rest. Adjust the tape until it is snug, but not tight. Record this measurement, and choose the available size that is closest to your dog's exact neck size, considering future sizing. (i.e. if you have a puppy who has an exact neck size of 13", but the sizes 12" and 14" are available, we would recommend sizing to 14" to allow room to grow.) This measuring technique is also appropriate for martingale collars WITH buckles.

For a martingale collar without a buckle:

For no-slip martingale collars without a buckle, you will also need to measure around your dog's head, from the top of the dog's throat, over the ears, to the top of their head.

*If you do not have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string to do the measuring and then lay it flat to measure with a ruler.

Choosing the Perfect Collar Width

If It Barks offers most of our custom collars and harnesses in three different width options to choose from; 3/4", 1", and 1.5".

We generally recommend 3/4" collars for small dogs, 1" for medium to large dogs, and 1.5" for medium to extra-large dogs. This applies to both collars and harnesses. XL harnesses are only available in 1.5" webbings.

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At If It Barks, we're not just about crafting top-tier dog collars or stylish martingales. Our love for canines pushes us to develop a comprehensive range of accessories that ensure every outing with your dog is a pleasure. Being fervent dog enthusiasts ourselves, we prioritize comfort, panache, and security in all our creations, ensuring your pup is always set for adventure.

Dive into our collection and discover the Webbing Dog Leashes, renowned for their unbeatable strength. Brave any storm with our Waterproof Dog Collars and Leashes, or embrace the timeless appeal of our Rope Dog Leashes. Early risers or night owls? Our Reflective Dog Leashes have got you covered, adding a safety layer to your jaunts around town.

 But that's not all — our assorted Pet Tags range from elegantly scenic to humorously quirky, ensuring your pet's gear has that personal touch. And for the essentials? Our Poop Carriers and Bag Holders simplify those must-do clean-ups, and with our Walk Kit bundle, you get even more value for your buck!

At If It Barks, it's not just about selling products; it's about championing a lifestyle. Every accessory we offer is a testament to our commitment to your keeping your pup safe AND stylish.

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We ALL Love It!

Our dog Oliver is a puller when he walks and no matter what we tried (including other harness brands) he wouldn’t walk forward unless his lead was attached to a collar. The pulling got so bad, so fast that he started coughing and making odd sounds and we became very concerned. That’s when I did even more research online and learned about If It Barks. Although the first week he didn’t like putting it on he liked it from his first walk. Now that he’s used to putting it on just after a couple of days it’s obvious he loves it and so do we!