Embroidered Dog Collars

Your dog will stand out and stay safe with our eye-catching embroidered collar designs! Choose from our lightweight Comfort Series or standard Webbing Series, each strength rated high enough to contain any dog.

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Why Choose an If It Barks Embroidered Collar?

Choose Your Colors, Pick Your Options, Engrave the Buckle. Design Now!
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Styles and Colors

Choose from various webbing and thread colors to design your dog's perfect collar. Make a statement in any hue you'd like!
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Handcrafted in the USA

Every If It Barks dog collar is lovingly handcrafted one at a time by our dedicated team in the mountains of Western North Carolina, USA. Thank you for supporting our small business!
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Personalization Options

The bold embroidered text lets you quickly and effectively convey important messaging about your dog.  Engrave the buckle for an additional layer of personalization.

Sophisticated Canine Elegance

Ensure your dog stands out, every single day. Our embroidered collars promise style and safety for leisurely walks and adventurous outings alike. Choose between our ultra-light and thin Comfort Series and our classic webbing, both tailored to securely manage any breed.

Artistry in Every Detail 

Delight in creating a collar that’s uniquely yours and perfectly theirs. Begin with your desired base webbing color, add the thread color of your choosing, and finish with even more options, such as specific neck sizing, multiple collar widths, or an engraved aluminum buckle! Each personal choice contributes to crafting a distinctive collar emblematic of your pet’s character and needs.

Matching Embroidered Leashes Available 

Share vital information like your dog’s temperament or your contact info on our embroidered leashes. Whether it's signaling a friendly demeanor or ensuring a lost leash finds its way back, our customization tools provide plenty of design possibilities.

We offer 15 UPPERCASE letters for each embroidered collar (or leash). Unfortunately, we are unable to embroider emojis or other special characters at this time.
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Embroidered Collars Make Stylish Statements!

Choosing the right collar for your dog is crucial. It not only affects their comfort and safety but also how easily you can manage them during walks and training sessions. Our collection boasts both flat and martingale-style collars, each available in various designs and brimming with customization options. To find the best fit for your furry friend, it's essential to understand the differences between these collars. Let's dig in:

Standard Flat Collars

Ideal for everyday wear and basic training, the Standard Flat Collar is versatile enough for most breeds. While it's made for constant use, it's best to take it off when your dog is resting in their crate. With a range of designs and materials, they are user-friendly, especially those fitted with quick-release buckles. However, if your dog is the type to pull intensely, this collar might not be the most suitable. It's always key to consider your dog's individual habits.

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Martingale Collars

Tailored for training and dogs with specific needs, the Martingale collar is your go-to for greater control, especially for dogs that pull or those with slender necks. Unlike the flat collar, it isn't designed for all-day wear but is ideal for specific activities like walks or training sessions. The collar's design ensures it fits securely without being too tight, particularly for dogs known to wriggle out of their collars. Proper fitting is paramount for your pet's safety, and we offer versions with or without buckles across most martingale styles.

A martingale collar isn't just another dog accessory. Its distinct design and functionality set it apart, making it a top pick for seasoned trainers and experienced dog owners. If you're searching for the ideal collar for your pup, understanding the martingale's unique benefits can guide your decision.

Escape-Proof Design

At the heart of the Martingale is its innovative two-part structure - a static segment (neck loop) and an adjustable control loop. When you hook the leash onto the D-ring of the control loop, it modifies its fit. This feature ensures the collar constricts sufficiently to stop your dog from wriggling out during those spirited tugs, yet remains safe without causing discomfort when correctly sized.

Manners & Training 

When it's time to teach your pup leash etiquette, the martingale stands out. The subtle tightening action of the control loop acts as a gentle deterrent against incessant pulling. A simple nudge from you can guide their focus away if they try to pull. If they don't get the hint, take a short break in your walk. Eventually, they'll link the feeling to the importance of a tug-free walk. If the pulling persists, consider consulting a professional for advanced leash training techniques.

IMPORTANT: It's crucial to remember that martingale collars are not ever suitable for tie-out situations.

Additional Considerations

Safe Use: Ideal during supervised strolls and training sessions. Given its design, it's wise to take off the martingale collar when your dog's at rest or playing freely to prevent unintended catches.

Getting the Perfect Fit: As with all collars, ensuring the right fit is paramount. The Martingale should feel snug, yet not restrictive

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Choosing the perfect fit for a standard flat collar or a buckle martingale is a breeze:

Simply take a soft measuring tape* and circle it around your dog's neck where their collar would usually rest. Ensure it fits comfortably snug without being too tight. Jot down the measurement. When selecting a size, pick the one closest to your dog's exact neck size, keeping potential growth in mind. For example, if your young dog has a neck size of 13" and the options are 12" or 14", the 14" would be the better choice to accommodate growth. This measurement approach is also applicable to martingale collars equipped with buckles.

For a martingale collar without a buckle:

For slip-resistant martingale collars without buckles, there's an extra step: Measure from the top of your dog's throat, over the ears, and finish at the crown of their head.

*If you don't have a soft measuring tape on hand, a piece of string can do the trick. Once wrapped, lay it out and measure using a ruler.

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Enjoy an Engraved Buckle

  1. Safety First: Reduces the risk of snags and catches during your dog's adventures.

  2. Sleek and Lightweight: By engraving directly onto the collar, you eliminate the need for additional attachments, keeping it streamlined.

  3. Silent Steps: Say goodbye to the constant jingling of tags; your pet moves in peace.

  4. Economical: With the details engraved, there's no need to worry about misplaced or lost tags, saving you replacement costs.

Available Buckle Materials

  • Plastic Buckles:
    • Lightweight: Ideal for everyday use without weighing your dog down.
    • Durable & Waterproof: Built to withstand various conditions.
    • Strong: Suitable for nearly all types of pullers.
    • Included in the base price for all collar selections.

  • Aluminum Buckles:
    • Heavy-Duty: For those seeking the strongest option.
    • Stylish & Secure: Offers both aesthetics and safety in a sleek design.
    • Note: Not recommended for use in saltwater environments.

Maximize the personalization of your dog's collar with our engraving option. We provide three distinct lines, each accommodating up to 15 characters. This allows ample space for essential details such as your dog's name, your contact number, microchip specifics, or any other vital information. Make the best use of this feature to ensure your furry friend's safety and peace of mind for you.

Get Your Dog Home

Given the startling statistic that 1 in 3 dogs may go missing during their lifetime, ensuring your dog's swift return is crucial. An engraved buckle offers not only personalization but also an added layer of safety. By having your dog's details readily available, you significantly increase the chances of a joyful reunion. After all, it's always better to be prepared than to wish you had been.
plastic engraved buckle
aluminum engraved buckle

Collar Width Options at If It Barks

Navigating through collar options? At If It Barks, we've tailored our custom collar widths to suit various dog sizes and preferences:

3/4" Collars: Ideal for small-sized dogs. It offers a comfortable fit without being overly bulky.

1" Collars: This is our standard size and the most favored width for flat collars. It's versatile and is recommended for medium to large dogs.

1.5" Collars: Suited for medium to extra-large dogs, this is the top choice for those preferring martingale-style collars. It provides a broad base, ensuring even pressure distribution.

Friendly Reminder: When selecting a collar, it's crucial to prioritize your dog's safety and comfort. The collar width plays a significant role in this, so be sure to make an informed choice tailored to your furry friend's needs.
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At If It Barks, we pride ourselves not just on crafting top-tier, personalized dog collars and martingales, but also on fostering delightful walking experiences for you and your canine companion. Born from a team deeply rooted in canine love, our dedication goes beyond business. We emphasize comfort, style, and safety in every product, understanding deeply what pet owners seek.

A Sampling of Our Extensive Range of Leashes

  • Webbing Dog Leashes: Durably crafted, these are made to endure, ensuring every walk is a secure one.

  • Waterproof Dog Leashes: Come rain or shine, these leashes promise reliability, ensuring your walks are uninterrupted regardless of the weather.

  • Rope Dog Leashes: A blend of tradition and durability, these leashes offer both aesthetics and function, ensuring a timeless walking experience.

  • Reflective Dog Leashes: Prioritizing safety during those early morning or late-evening walks, these leashes ensure visibility, adding an extra layer of security.

Beyond Collars: A Complete Range for Your Dog's Needs

At If It Barks, our offerings don't stop at collars:
Customizable Dog Harnesses: Tailored to perfection, our harnesses cater to every dog, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit, giving you the confidence of a secure walk.

Diverse Pet Tags: Whether it's the serene beauty of nature or a touch of humor with our witty inscriptions, our Pet Tags don't just serve a purpose, they make a statement. Protect your furry friend with a personalized touch.

Clean-up Made Easy: We understand that every walk comes with its responsibilities. Our Poop Carriers and Poop Bag Holders are not just functional, they're designed for convenience. And for the smart shopper in you, our bundled Walk Kit offers both, giving you great value.

Your trust is paramount to us. We pledge more than just top-grade dog gear. Each product is a testament to our commitment to your dog's well-being.
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Second Collar, Top-Quality and Customer Care

"This is our second purchase and I’m amazed at how patiently If It Barks handled all my questions and requests. Thank you again for all your efforts in making this an unmatched experience! Pawfect!"