Embroidered Dog Leashes

Personalize your embroidered message on one of our best-selling leashes! Your dog will stand out and stay safe with our eye-catching embroidered designs. Choose from our lightweight Comfort Series or standard Webbing Series, each strength rated high enough to contain any dog.

Embroidered to Stand Out

Let those approaching know if your dog is safe to pet, or needs their space with an embroidered leash. Add your contact information so it can be returned after being left at the park. Our customization tools offer endless possibilities for embroidered collars to match your dog's new leash as well.

Leashes as Vibrant as Your Dog's Personality

Our embroidered leashes are strong enough to contain any dog, choose from our lightweight Comfort Series leashes or standard Webbing Series leashes. Each style offers unique color choices, embroidered in bold shades of thread to perfectly showcase your dog's distinctive character.

Add a Traffic Grab Handle for Extra Support

A tactical handle can be added 2' from the base of any of our embroidered leashes. This addition is often used for urban walking in crowded cities and for dogs that may be reactive or are overly friendly, to help gain more control over your dog at a moment's notice.