Reflective Martingale

Reflective Martingale Collars are the perfect choice if you want a collar that provides added security in low light conditions as well as helping to restrain your dog when out walking. Martingales prevent your dog from pulling too hard, and they are also great for training. So if you go out early in the morning or late in the day, choose one of the collars below.

Dog in dark wearing reflective martingale

Reflective Martingales -- A Bright Idea!

Choose Your Style, Pick Your Options, Engrave the Buckle. Design Now!
escape-proof martingale design

Escape-Proof Design

Martingale collars boast a unique design that ensures dogs, especially those with slender heads, can't wriggle out of their collars. Enhance the safety of your strolls!
reflective for safety

Reflective for Safety

Durable 3M reflective material is composed of wide-angle, exposed retroreflective lenses bonded to fabric, keeping your dog (and you!) safe and seen, even in low-light conditions.
buckle personalization

Personalize the Buckle

Ensure your dog's safety without the nuisance of clinking tags! Engrave essential details along with your dog's name directly on the buckle.

Why Choose an If It Barks Reflective Martingale?

Shed Some Light on Dark Walks

Seeking both visibility and control for your evening strolls with your pup? Our Reflective Martingale Collars are your go-to choice. Offering a gentle yet effective restraint solution that shines brilliantly in low light, every walk becomes safer and more enjoyable. Check out our variety of available colors and elevate your walking experience!

Shine Bright with Personalization!

Add a touch of personal flair to your safeguards! Our Reflective Martingale Collars can be personalized with your dog’s name and your contact details, expertly engraved onto the hardware. It's not just a fashion statement but also an added layer of safety, ensuring your dog is always identifiable, day or night.

Stay Spotless and Seen

Worried about your Reflective Dog Collar losing its shine due to grime? Well, worry not! Every collar we make is machine-washable, ensuring they remain pristine and performance-ready. Select your perfect color, width, and buckle type, and let us craft your collar masterpiece. It'll be on its way to you in a snap!

Also available as a standard flat Reflective Dog Collar and also as Reflective Dog Leashes.

Dog in reflective martingale collar

Ultimate Guide to If It Barks Martingale Dog Collars

Selecting an appropriate collar for your canine companion is pivotal. It plays a significant role in their safety, comfort, and the ease of handling during walks and training. We have on offer both flat and martingale-style collars, available in several designs and with a multitude of personalization options. Recognizing the nuances between these types can guide you to pick the ideal collar tailored for your pet's demands. Here's a brief overview:

Standard Flat Collars

The flat collar is great for daily use and initial training sessions. It's compatible with most breeds and is designed for continuous wear, although it's recommended to remove it when your dog is in its crate. Available in assorted designs and styles, these collars are straightforward, easy to put on, and secure, especially ones equipped with quick-release clasps. For dogs that tend to tug strongly on their leash, this might not be the best fit, so it's vital to evaluate your dog's unique needs.
flat collar

Martingale Collars

Designed with training and specific walking needs in mind, Martingale collars offer more control, especially for dogs that pull or for breeds with narrower necks and heads. Unlike flat collars, they aren't meant for continuous wear and should be used during walks or training only. They ensure the most secure fit for dogs prone to slipping out and provide gentle restraint without causing discomfort. It's imperative to fit this collar correctly for your dog's safety. We offer both buckled and non-buckled versions for most of our martingale design.

The martingale collar isn’t just a handsome dog accessory. With its unique design and features, it’s favored by expert dog trainers and experienced pet owners alike. As you hunt for the right collar for your furry friend, understanding the martingale’s standout benefits and applications can guide your decision.

Escape-Proof Functionality 

What makes the Martingale collar exceptional is its dual-segment design: a stable neck loop and an adjustable control loop. Once you connect a leash to the D-ring on the control loop, it fine-tunes as needed. This means your canine is prevented from escaping the collar, even during those spirited tugs, without it ever becoming too tight as to be harmful.

Training and Manners

Martingale collars are outstanding tools for teaching leash behavior. The mild tightening effect of the control loop helps deter persistent pulling. Should your dog try to pull, a slight tug from you can refocus them. If they keep tugging, pause your walk briefly. Soon, they'll link the sensation with the cue to walk nicely. Still, if tugging continues, consulting a dog training specialist on leash manners might be necessary.

IMPORTANT: A martingale collar is NEVER appropriate for tie-out use.

Additional Points to Remember

When and How to Use: It's ideal for monitored walks and training sessions. Despite its effectiveness, it's prudent to remove the martingale collar during unsupervised times or play to avoid unintentional snags.

Perfect Fit Matters: As with all collars, ensuring the martingale fits well is crucial. It should sit snugly, yet not tight on your dog. You can refer to the sizing guide below for more details.

martingale escape proof

Standard Flat Collar/Martingale with a Buckle:

With the help of a flexible measuring tape*, wrap it around your dog’s neck where their collar typically sits. Make sure it's snug but without constricting their neck. Note down this measurement. When choosing a size, opt for the one nearest to your dog's precise neck measurement, factoring in potential growth. For instance, if your puppy's neck measures 13" and the choices are 12" or 14", it's best to go for the 14" to give them some growing space. This method of measuring is valid for martingale collars that include quick-release buckles.

Martingales Without a Buckle:

For non-buckled martingale collars that are designed be fully tightened after being placed on your dog, an additional measurement is required: Wrap the tape or string from the upper part of the dog's throat, going over the ears, and ending at the top of their head.

*In the absence of a flexible measuring tape, a string can serve the purpose. After wrapping it around the required part, stretch it out against a ruler to get the measurement.

sizing image for flat and martingale collars

Standard Martingale

The design without a buckle demands precise adjustment for the ideal fit. First, modify it to slide over the dog's head, then refine the fit to sit snugly around the neck. While its lightweight nature makes it perfect for smaller dogs, its effectiveness remains consistent for dogs of all sizes.

Buckle Martingale

These collars are crafted for ease, boasting a quick-release buckle that bypasses repetitive adjustments. They're ideal for dogs with broader heads or those not fond of facial touches. Skittish pups, apprehensive of collars sliding over their heads, particularly prefer this design.

Engraved buckle collars are:

Safety First - No need to worry about snags or catches during adventures and fun.
Streamlined Design - Engraving ensures no extra attachments weigh down your dog's collar.
Peace and Quiet - Say goodbye to the constant jingle of tags!
Economical - Save on the costs of replacing lost pet IDs!

Available Buckle Materials

Plastic: Our standard choice for all collars, these buckles are not only lightweight and waterproof but also boast durability. They're strength-rated to withstand nearly all levels of pulling and come included in the base price.

Aluminum: The epitome of strength in a sleek design, aluminum buckles combine both aesthetics and durability. However, for those dogs frequenting saltwater environments, they might not be the ideal choice.

An engraved buckle with personalized details increases the chances of reuniting with your dog if they ever go astray. Considering 33% of dogs reportedly wander off at least once in their lifetime, it's always best to err on the side of caution.

We provide engraving space of three lines, each accommodating up to 15 characters. This gives you ample room to include your dog's name, contact number, microchip details, or any other essential information you wish to highlight.

plastic engraved buckle
aluminum engraved buckle

Choosing the Perfect Collar Width

At If It Barks, we provide a range of custom collars with three width selections: 3/4", 1", and 1.5".

General sizing guidelines:

  • Small dogs usually do best best with the 3/4" width.
  • Medium to large dogs typically prefer the 1".
  • Medium to extra-large dogs often find the 1.5" most comfortable.

It's noteworthy that the 1" is the standard choice for flat collars, while the 1.5" is the favored pick for martingale-style collars. The width of the collar is pivotal for both the comfort and safety of your pet.

how a martingale works

At If It Barks, we're not just about crafting top-tier, personalized dog collars and martingales. Our heart lies in providing you with an arsenal of tools to make every walk with your dog a mutual delight. As genuine dog aficionados, we're attuned to the trifecta of comfort, aesthetics, and safety, and our product lineup reflects just that.

Take a look at just a sampling of our eclectic mix:

Looking for other customizable options? Our Dog Harnesses are tailored to snugly fit pooches of all proportions. Further enrich your pet's ensemble with our diverse Pet Tags, ranging from serene nature visuals to witty canine quips. And, for those essential clean-ups, our Poop Carriers and Poop Bag Holders will come to your rescue. For an added value, bundle them in our Walk Kit!

Our mission goes beyond business. We're dedicated to elevating every moment you share with your canine companion by offering quality gear we're proud of. Consider us more than a brand; we're allies in your dog's adventures.

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"So happy with this product! We were searching for a wider martingale collar for our 65+ lb hound lab mix who still pulls on the leash a bit being that he is a puppy and gets very excited on walks. We love that it’s reflective since he has a very dark coat and in general blends into everything so it makes him easier to see at night for both us and others. We also love the fact that engraving his info on it was an option so we don’t need to get tags with his info. All around great product!"