Reflective Martingale

Reflective Martingale Collars are the perfect choice if you want a collar that provides added security in low light conditions as well as helping to restrain your dog when out walking. Martingales prevent your dog from pulling too hard, and they are also great for training. So if you go out early in the morning or late in the day, choose one of the collars below.

Security and Comfort in One Collar

Our Reflective Martingale Collars provide both extra visibility when you are out in low light conditions as well as additional restraint if your dog pulls too hard or backs out of their collar, or if you are training a pup. These collars provide the best of both worlds, helping to keep your dog safer and more comfortable without sacrificing style.

Personalize Your New Collar 

One thing we recommend doing when you have chosen your collar is to get it personalized. Our Personalized Reflective Martingale Collars provide you with another level of security for your dog because you know that if they go wondering, it won’t be long before you get reunited. We will engrave your dog’s name and your contact details into the buckle, so you don’t need to worry about attaching separate tags that could break off.

You can also customize your collar in other ways. Once you have chosen your color, you can choose the width and even order a custom size to ensure maximum comfort for your dog.

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Stay Safe when Out with Your Dog 

Safety is always paramount when you go out with your dog. Our Reflective Martingale Collars provide you with a way to prevent your dog from pulling or backing out from his or her collar while boosting their visibility at the same time. They are safe, stylish, and handmade to order, so place your order today and we’ll get your new collar out to you in just a few days.