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Martingale Collars

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What Is A Martingale Collar

What Is A Martingale Collar?

The perfect collar for dogs who slip out of their collar.

The martingale collar is great for taking your dog on a walk, or for training. It has two loops of webbing that tighten around the dog's neck evenly when pulled. You have full control over your dog without putting pressure on the front of their neck. It’s especially good for dogs with large necks and small heads; the design stops them from backing out of the collar.

Want more? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Martingale Collars!

  • Quality Dog Collar Buckles


    Keep your dog safe, without any annoying jingling pet tags! Add your dog’s contact information and name to the buckle for safety.

  • Choose Your Colors


    You have your favorite colors, whether it’s a sports team, a holiday, or just your own personality. Now, your dog can wear that same style too!

  • The Perfect Fitting Dog Collar


    Your dog can have a perfectly fitting collar with no extra charge. Just choose ‘custom sized’ when you check out to ensure the collar is cut to the right fit.

Dog Trainers Love Martingale Collars

What Trainers are Saying

For health and safety reasons, these collars are the best

"The main reason I chose If It Barks is their martingale collars and the effectiveness in teaching leash training. The collars add control and do not allow dogs to back out. The way the collars fit on a dog, when done correctly, distributes pressure around the entire neck and avoids simply putting pressure on the trachea like a typical dog collar. So, for health and safety reasons, these collars are the best. I use If It Barks collars for all 5 of my dogs"

- Kate Jackson, Trainer Jabula Dog Academy

Looking for martingale dog collars that colorful, vibrant and stylish and also functional?

Martingale dog collars from If It Barks are the perfect solution! Martingale collars are a style of collar that allows for more control than a regular “flat” collar. Add in colors that really pop and you have style that meets functionality!

Why go with a martingale dog collar over a side-release dog collar? Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Dogs with small heads and larger necks (like greyhounds, bulldogs and pitbulls) are not able to slip out of the collar
  • If your dog likes to pull on the leash, striped martingale dog collars can provide additional control
  • Gives a soft correction 
  • It can help prevent hair knotting around the collar area on long haired dogs due to a slightly looser fit around the neck.

If you would like something a little more custom, you can create personalized martingale dog collars.

If It Barks martingale collars are available in striped, webbing and hemp.

Our personalized martingale dog collars materials are sourced in the USA and each product is hand-sewn in North Carolina by our seamstresses.

To learn more about martingale dog collars, click here.