Hemp Martingale

If you are training a new pup, or your dog backs out of their collar or pulls too much on their walks, get one of our Hemp Martingale Collars here today. These collars are designed to provide extra security and comfort for your dog. And because they are made from durable and soft hemp, your new collar is designed to last a long time.

Enjoy the Security and Comfort of a Hemp Collar

Do you want to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Then one of our Hemp Martingale Collars is the perfect choice for you. These collars are all made from natural, undyed hemp that is also 100% biodegradable. So now you can stick to your green values and show everyone that you and your dog care for the environment on your walks.

Hemp also has many practical benefits that make it ideal for dog collars. Made from strong fibers, hemp is a durable material that is long lasting and able to put up with anything. Compared to synthetic collars, it is more resistant to mildew and more absorbent, and it is also odor resistant and hypoallergenic.

And because the collars on this page are all martingales, you can enjoy all the benefits of these too. Martingales are perfect for training new pups or restraining dogs that pull too much. They are also ideal if your dog has a habit of backing out of his or her collar.

Find the Perfect Collar for Your Dog

Look through our collection of Hemp Martingale Collars on this page and you’ll find that we have a range of options to choose from. First of all, choose whether you would like a solid no-color version for a completely natural look, or a striped collar. With the striped collars, you can add your chosen colors from a range of options.

You can also choose the right thickness of your collar, and don’t forget that you can customize the buckle too. We’ll engrave your dog’s name and number into the buckle so if they ever go wandering, it won’t be long before you get reunited.

Explore Our Other Hemp Collections

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Order Your Collar Here Today

As soon as you’ve ordered your collar, we’ll ship it to you in 1-2 business days so you can start using it in no time. So choose from our range of Hemp Martingale Collars on this page and get a comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly collar for your dog.