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Hemp Martingale

Are you looking for a dog collar that is eco-friendly but also durable and functional?  Is keeping our planet protected very important to you?

If It Barks hemp martingale dog collars not only help the environment – they show off your dog’s “go green” style!

You can order a solid look with no stripes or you add some color and design your own collar! Choose from a DYO 1” Hemp Martingale Dog Collar or a DYO 1.5” Hemp Martingale Dog Collar.

Whichever option you choose - you'll be able to find a hemp martingale dog collar that will look great on your pup and helps the environment!

Natural hemp martingale dog collars are comfortable from the start and get even better and softer with age.

Our hemp martingale dog collar materials are sourced in the USA and each product is hand-sewn in North Carolina by our seamstresses.

If It Barks martingale collars are also available in striped, layered, and webbing.

To learn more about martingale dog collars, click here.