Dog Collars

Pick a style, choose your colors & engrave your buckle. Start designing now.

Dog wearing matching collar and leash set

Matching Collar and Leash Sets Are Available!

If you want to take your customized collar experience to the next level, we offer matching collar and leash sets for all of our current styles! We make it simple to customize, personalize, and coordinate your dog's collar and leash so that you can spend more time on the important things... Like walks with your dog!

A custom look in three simple steps

Pick a style and start building. Choose your color, options & laser engraved buckle.
buckle personalize

Personalize your buckle.

Keep your dog safe, without any annoying jingling pet tags! Add your dog’s contact information and name to the buckle for safety.
choose colors

Choose your colors.

You have your favorite colors, whether it’s a sports team, a holiday, or just your own personality. Now, your dog can wear that same style too!
choose size

Select the perfect fit.

Your dog can have a perfectly fitting collar with no extra charge. Just add your dog's necks size to ensure the collar is cut to the right fit.

All the collars you need – all in one place

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when you begin your search for a new collar. Fortunately, we have all the dog collars you could possibly want right here. We’ve got collars in all shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and styles, so start your search here and find your new collar in no time.

Reflective to waterproof, we've got them all

As you browse through the collections above, you’ll see that we have covered all our bases by making sure we have something for every dog. We have waterproof collars, reflective collars, hemp collars, designer collars, and more, so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect collar for your pooch.
As you can see, we also have a huge range of colors to choose from. So not only can you choose the material and style that best suits your dog, but you can also choose the perfect color to go with their personality. And in case you didn’t know, all of our collars are handmade to order to the highest standards, and they are all machine washable too.

Explore our plethora of products

You’ll find plenty of options on this page, but we have so many other amazing products in our store to explore. Take a look at our designer dog collars and other categories of collars, or explore our leashes including our reflective dog leashes to find the perfect matching leash for your pooch.

Your new collar awaits...

We would love to help you find your new collar today, so browse through our collection of Dog Collars until something stands out, or contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t forget you can also personalize your collar by adding your dog’s name and contact details to the buckle to add an extra layer of security.

Ultimate guide to dog collars

A flat dog collar is one that can safely be worn daily, to keep your dog's identification on them at all times. It can be hooked to a leash via the standard D-ring when it's time for a walk, and quickly removed with a side-release buckle when it's time for bed. If your dog is able to slip out of a traditional collar or needs a little extra guidance while on leash, check out our selection of Martingale Collars.

Benefits of a Personalized Buckle

You can eliminate the jingle of traditional tags by having the buckle on your new collar personalized.
  1. Safer than wearing traditional ID tags, that can get snagged while your dog is exploring or playing
  2. Never have to re-order lost dog tags again
  3. Less bulk compared to tags, perfect for small dogs
side release collar in blue and green
Flat collars should be snug but never tight. When the collar is fitted you should be easily able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck.

Measuring for the Perfect Fit

Using a (soft) sewing tape, measure around your dog’s neck where their collar normally sits. Pull the tape until it is snug but not tight. You should be able to comfortably put two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog's neck. Record this measurement and use as a reference to determine the correct collar size. 

Custom Sizing That Will Work for Any Dog

A number of different factors should be considered when choosing a new collar. Your dog's life stage, breed, and personal development will determine what neck size will suit them best. To help you find the perfect fit, we offer custom sizing for all of our collars.
  1. Custom sized collars are made with your dog’s neck size at the center position, allowing the collar to adjust both smaller and larger in size
  2. The smaller the collar, the less material it will have to adjust (when compared to large collars) -- ordering a custom sized collar gives you the most possible room for smaller dogs
  3. For puppies, custom sizing allows you to purchase a collar slightly larger than currently needed, giving your pup room to grow into the collar
how to measure your dog's neck

Choosing a Width for Dog Collars

First, check to see what the width of your dog's current collar is for comparison. For strong dogs, heavy pullers, or puppies expected to grow rapidly, a wider collar would be ideal.
  1. 3/4" may be appropriate for very small dogs
  2. 1" is perfect for medium-sized and larger dogs
  3. 1.5" is best suited for large dogs or those with long, delicate necks such as sighthounds
dog collar width options

Buckle Material Choices

Plastic - Plastic buckles are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and are included in the base price for all of our collars. They are strength rated for even the toughest of pullers.

Aluminum - Aluminum buckles are the heaviest option, providing both style and security in a compact package.