Waterproof Dog Collars

Our Biothane Dog Collars are 100% waterproof and just perfect for dogs who love splashing in puddles or swimming in the sea. With our Waterproof Dog Collars, you won’t have to worry about nasty smells or collar damage, and they are also easy to care for and clean. Explore our collection below and find the collar that’s perfect for your pooch.

Personalize A Waterproof Dog Collar

Stink-Proof, Personalized, Adventure-Ready

choose colors

Choose your colors

Choose from dozens of colors to design your dog's one-of-a-kind collar. Thousands of color combinations are possible, so the only limit to these designs is your imagination!
buckle personalize

Personalize your buckle

Engrave your dog’s contact information directly onto the buckle. Keep your dog safe and identifiable without the annoying jingle of pet tags!
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Waterproof collars are ready for adventure no matter the weather! They're durable, smell-proof, and easy to maintain!
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Why Choose an If It Barks Waterproof Dog Collar?

All-Weather Adventure Collars

Fed up with collars that can't handle the wet and wild adventures of your canine companion? Explore a new collar solution with our Waterproof Dog Collars. Specially crafted with USA-made Biothane® for four-legged explorers that love to splash, play, and roam, these collars will stand up to water, mud, and whatever weather they encounter. Our collars are lovingly crafted in North Carolina, USA using time-tested, top-of-the-line materials, offering strength without sacrificing comfort or style.

Durability and Attention to Detail

If It Barks provides more than just a resilient, smell-proof collar. We give you the control to personalize and customize it, including choosing from a range of various colors, multiple buckle materials, and collar widths, as well as precise neck sizing. Engrave your dog's important details directly onto the buckle for an additional layer of security. This is the collar for the dog owner who believes in blending style with substance, providing a unique and practical accessory that is truly all-weather and four-season ready.

Matching Leashes Available 

Make it a set by adding a waterproof leash. It does not get any easier than this if you're seeking a quick-clean-up solution after walking in any sort of wet weather or strolling next to the stream.  

dog with waterproof collar and leash

Durable, Stink-Proof, Easy to Clean

Crafted from USA-made Biothane, each piece of our waterproof gear is as strong as it is attractive. These collars repel all smells and clean up from even the messiest days with warm water and gentle dish soap. Say goodbye to stinky, waterlogged dog collars. 

Buckle Material

  • Plastic - Plastic buckles are lightweight, durable, and waterproof, and are included in the base price for all of our collars. They are strength rated for almost all pullers.
  • Aluminum - Aluminum buckles are the most heavy-duty option, providing both style and security in a compact package. Aluminum buckles aren't recommended for saltwater use. 

Buckle Engraving

Engraving your dog's buckle can be a key factor in bringing them home if they go missing. Engrave either our plastic or aluminum buckles for a permanent identification solution. Engraving eliminates the need for loud, jingling dog tags that can become entangled with other objects.

Custom Neck Sizing

Our collars are cut to your dog's provided neck measurements to ensure the best possible fit. A properly fitted collar is essential to your dog's safety and well-being. Custom sizing at no extra charge!

Waterproof collars with quick-release buckles and Chicago screws offer ~2" of sizing variation up and down. For example, a 16" collar could adequately fit dogs with neck sizes of 14" to 18", but we cannot stress enough how important proper measurement is to ensure the best possible fit for a custom collar.

What is BioThane®?

BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It is essentially a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and weldable.

Across our wide range of waterproof gear, we can proudly say that all of our Waterproof Dog Collars and Waterproof Dog Leashes, including our Waterproof Reflective Dog Collars and Waterproof Reflective Dog Leashes, are exclusively made with Biothane®. No matter which style you choose, from Waterproof O-Ring Dog Collars with Quick-Release Buckles to Waterproof Chain Martingales to Waterproof Leash Couplers, you can rest assured that you've got stink-proof, easy-to-clean, no-hassle dog gear on your side.

Why is BioThane® better than leather?

BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger, and easier to maintain. It is also readily available in different colors. Our tough BioThane® waterproof dog gear boasts a break strength of 1000lbs per inch, or 500lbs per half an inch, and a buckle pull strength of 200lbs!

Is BioThane® made in the USA?

Yes, BioThane® is manufactured in their only plant, located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA.

dog in waterproof collar

For a standard flat collar or a martingale with a buckle, measuring is a simple process:

Using a soft measuring tape*, measure around your dog’s neck where their collar would normally rest. Adjust the tape until it is snug, but not tight. Record this measurement, and choose the available size that is closest to your dog's exact neck size, considering future sizing. (i.e. if you have a puppy who has an exact neck size of 13", but the sizes 12" and 14" are available, we would recommend sizing to 14" to allow room to grow.) This measuring technique is also appropriate for martingale collars WITH buckles.

For a martingale collar without a buckle:

For no-slip martingale collars without a buckle, you will also need to measure around your dog's head, from the top of the dog's throat, over the ears, to the top of their head.

*If you do not have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string to do the measuring and then lay it flat to measure with a ruler.

sizing image for flat and martingale collars
A personalized, engraved buckle promotes the return of your dog in the unfortunate event that they do go missing. It has been reported that over the course of their lives, 33% of all dogs will go missing at least once. Better safe than sorry, we say.

Engraved buckle collars are:

  1. Safer - No snagging or catching while exploring and playing.
  2. Lighter and Less Bulky - Engraving frees your dog of any additional items being attatched to their collar.
  3. Quieter - No more tag jingle!
  4. Cost Effective - No need to replace lost tags!

We offer 3 lines of engraving with 15 characters on each line, offering you space to put your dogs name, phone numbers, microchip information, or whatever other information you deem important.


dog collar width illustration

Choosing the Perfect Collar Width

If It Barks offers most of our custom collars in three different width options for you to choose from; 3/4", 1", and 1.5".

We typically recommend 3/4" collars for small dogs, 1" for medium to large dogs, and 1.5" for medium to extra-large dogs. 

Note: 1" is the most common flat collar width, and 1.5" is the most popular width for martingale-style collars. Collar width is critical to consider for your dog's comfort and safety.

how a martingale works

Adjusting the Chicago Screws

Chicago screws are utilized to help you adjust any waterproof collar with a quick-release buckle up or down in size. Using a Phillips or flathead screwdriver, you can loosen and remove the screws, easily slide the Biothane material into the proper hole and then reinsert the screws. Make sure to fully tighten the screws and make sure they are secure before putting the collar on your dog.

Recommended Adjustments

Tightening the Chicago screws upon initially receiving your product and additional occasional tightening is recommended after extensive use.

Cleaning a Waterproof Dog Collar

All of our Waterproof Dog Collars and Leashes are extremely easy to clean. After any adventure, simply wipe down each item with warm water and mild dish soap.

Taking these simple steps to maintain your dog's collar after each adventure will help to ensure a long-lasting product that is ready for years of use.

chicago screws being adjusted
dog with waterproof collar
"If you’re looking for a well-made, waterproof collar that comes in an array of beautiful colors, look no further. My pups are ready for a summer full of adventure."