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Heavy Duty Collars & Martingales

A large, strong dog needs a tough collar that can provide the right level of restraint as well as comfort. Our Heavy Duty Dog Collars are perfect, providing not only strength and durability but also boasting attractive designs. We also have lots of martingales in case your dog’s a puller, so find your new Strong Dog Collar below.

Keep Your Big Dog Happy

If you’ve got a big, muscular dog, you need a collar that can withstand a little bit more than the average collar. And you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here with our Heavy Duty Dog Collars. All of the collars you can see above are designed to very high standards to ensure strength and durability. But as you can see, they boast attractive and stylish designs at the same time.

Super Tough & Super Stylish

We are proud to be able to offer such a large range of Strong Dog Collars that are all handmade to order. Being sewn by hand ensures that even more care goes into each and every collar so it is super tough and sure to last you and your dog a long time.

But as you can see from the collection above, a strong collar doesn’t have to be plain. Our collars come in a huge range of colors, patterns, and materials. So while they are all strong and hard wearing, they look fantastic too.

See Our Other Products

As well as our strong collars, we provide many other types of collars in our store. You might be interested in our Martingale Training Collars if you’ve got a pup to train, or perhaps you want something a bit special, in which case our Cool Dog Collars will be perfect.

Get Your Strong Collar Here

Our Heavy Duty Dog Collars are designed with the biggest, strongest dogs in mind. Don’t buy a collar that will break within a few weeks. Instead, choose one of our handmade collars that are incredibly tough and durable while also making sure your dog looks fantastic. Whether you want a standard collar or one of our martingales, choose yours here and we’ll send it to you in 1-2 business days.