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Pretty Dog Collars & Martingales

Your beautiful dog needs a pretty collar, and you’ll find it right here in our collection of Pretty Dog Collars. We have both standard collars and martingales, all of which are characterized by their beautiful colors and designs. So make sure your pooch looks fabulous when you go out with the perfect pretty collar.

Find the Prettiest Collar You Can

You know how beautiful your dog is, so get her a pretty collar to match her personality. We have a large selection of Pretty Dog Collars at If It Barks, as you can see from the collars above. Whether you are looking for pink, purple, spotted, striped, or anything else, we’ve got the collar you need to make sure your dog looks beautiful every time she goes out.

Get a Leash to Go with Your Collar

Your pretty collar will look fabulous with a pretty lead to go with it. See our Purple Dog Leashes and Pink Dog Leashes while you’re here, and you might want to check out our Girl Dog Collars as well.

Choose Your Color and Style

We provide a large selection of standard collars and martingales in a huge range of pretty colors and designs. Whether you’re looking for a classic pink collar, a stripy pattern, or even a bow tie, we’ve got exactly what you need. We also have collars in a range of materials including hemp, layered, and reflective collars, so you’re sure to find something that will look fabulous on your dog here.

And whichever pretty collar you choose, don’t forget that you can change the width, length, and buckle type to customize it further. You can even choose a completely custom size if you want one that fits your dog perfectly, so just ask.

Make Sure Your Dog Looks Amazing 

Our Pretty Dog Collars will make your dog look fantastic whenever you take her out on her walks. Beautiful designs combined with super durable materials ensure our collars are perfect for your dog, and we’re sure you and your dog will love your new collar. Remember that you can customize your collar’s width and size, and you can also get your buckle personalized with your dog’s name for a small extra fee.