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What is a Martingale Collar?

martingaleillustration.pngA martingale collar is a style of collar that allows for more control than a regular “flat” collar, without the more harsh control of a chain collar.  The collar itself is essentially a regular adjustable collar with an extra piece of fabric attached, which your leash attaches to.  This extra piece sits at the back of your dog’s neck. When a dog pulls forward into the collar, this extra piece is automatically tightens the collar, hence putting even pressure around the dog's neck as well as tightening it so they are not able to slip out of it.


Advantages of Using a Martingale Collar

  • Dogs with small heads and larger necks are not able to slip out of the collar.
  • Offers additional control for dogs that pull on the leash
  • Easy to use
  • Gives a soft correction without the need to use more harsh chain collars.
  • Helps to avoid the use of heavy metal collars
  • May help prevent hair knotting around the collar area on long haired dogs due to a slightly looser fit around the neck.
  • Available with or without a quick release side buckle for easy on and off.


Types of Martingale Collars


Breeds Martingales are Most Suited For

  • Any breed that can slip out of their collar, particularly those with smaller heads than necks.
  • Any dog that excessively pulls on the leash when walking.
  • Dog’s with longer hair that tends to get knotted around the collar area and would benefit from the slightly looser collar fit around the neck.