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Black Martingale Collars

Our Black Martingale Collars offer the very best collars for training purposes or for dogs that pull too hard in a range of stylish dark patterns. Black collars are ideal for hiding dirt, but our collars are all machine washable for easy cleaning. If black is your color, explore our range below to find your next collar.

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Choose a Stylish Black Collar for Your Dog

If you’re looking for martingale collars, you might be training your pup (or maybe he or she is a puller!). Either way, after exploring our large range of Black Martingale Collars, you’re sure to find your new collar today.

Dark, Traditional, and Stylish Patterns

Why choose a black color for your dog’s collar? Dark collars are ideal for hiding dirt and grime—perfect if your dog loves getting down and dirty on his or her walks! Black is ideal for dogs with lighter coats, and it contrasts perfectly with white or light-brown fur. It looks great on grey dogs too. 

Black is also a convenient color because it goes with everything. With black, you’re choosing a collar that you can use for any occasion, whether you’re going on a walk or taking your dog into town. And whatever you’re wearing, you know your dog’s collar won’t clash with it.

Choose Your Pattern and Material 

While all of the collars above are black, as you can see, they come in a huge range of styles. We’ve got circles, dogs, grids, and stripes too choose from, so take your pick. And for materials, you can choose from layered, webbing, reflective, and even hemp. That’s a lot of options! Some even have other colors mixed into the designs like red, blue, gray, and white to brighten things up.

Explore Our Other Items

Not looking for Black Martingale Collars? We’ve also got a large range of Black Dog Collars you can browse. And if you’re looking for a matching set, check out our Black Dog Leashes too. Your dog will be the envy of all the other pooches in the park.

Find Your New Collar Today

Choose your material and pattern, then personalize your collar at the checkout by printing your dog’s name and number onto the buckle (say goodbye to annoying tags!). You can even choose a custom size.

And remember, all of our collars are hand-sewn right here in North Carolina and the materials are sourced in the USA. You can also machine wash them for easy cleaning whenever you need to.