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Blue Martingale Collars

Our Blue Martingale Collars are perfect if you’re looking for a traditional and stylish color that is suitable for all occasions. Available in a range of stunning patterns, and in various materials from fabric to hemp, our collars cover the full range of options. If blue is your color, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

Blue Martingale Collars in All Shapes, Sizes, & Designs

You already know all about the benefits of martingale collars. (If you don’t, make sure you read our huge guide!) And if blue’s your color, you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s the color of your favorite team or it just reflects your (and your pooch’s) personality, blue is subtle, stylish, and certain to make an impression. While some dog owners like their dogs to stand out with bright colors and designs, you may prefer something more traditional, in which case a blue collar is ideal. Blue also goes with everything, making it a useful everyday collar for any occasion.

Huge Range of Materials & Designs

In this category, you will find an extensive range of collar designs all based on blue. They come in a range of stylish patterns including dots, circles, crosses, stripes, diamonds, gingham, hearts, and even retro. So choose the one that stands out to you.

They also come in a range of materials that each have their own unique properties. Choose from our fabric, layered, webbing, or hemp collars.

Love Blue? You’ll Love These Too!

We’ve also got a huge range of standard Blue Dog Collars in case you don’t want a martingale collar. And whichever collar you choose, don’t miss our range of Blue Dog Leashes to match your collar and look the part when you go on your next walk.

Find Your New Collar

Browse our collection or Blue Martingale Collars today and choose the one that stands out to you. Remember that all materials are all sourced in the USA, and all our collars are hand-sewn in North Carolina. You can also personalize your buckle with your dog’s name and contact number so there is no need for tags, and the collars are adjustable, machine washable, and come in custom sizes too.

Not sure what the best option is for your pooch? Just ask! At If It Barks, we would love to help you find the right collar for you and your dog, so get in touch today.