Floral Dog Collars & Martingales

If you're looking to treat your furry family member to a special collar that's made just for them, choose one of our Floral Dog Collars below. These adorable patterns are made with the highest-quality fabric and provide you with a design that's sure to stand out.

For Dogs that Want to Stand Out

Create a collar that showcases your dog’s lovable personality with a cute floral pattern or daisy fabric collar. Our selection includes the best floral patterns that are sure to stand out!

We also provide a range of materials and styles, including martingales. These are perfect for dogs that have a habit of pulling or backing out of their collars. So now you can enjoy a more comfortable walk while your dog proudly shows off their awesome new collar.

See More of Our Unique Products

Want to explore more of our range? As well as our Floral Dog Collars, we also provide Pretty Dog Collars, numerous leashes including Red Dog Leashes and other colors, and collars for specific breeds like our German Shepherd Collars. So get searching and see what you can find!

Find Your New Floral Collar

Your dog is special, so find their next collar right here in our collection of Floral Dog Collars! Whether you are looking for standard collars or martingales, and whatever style, color, or pattern you have your heart set on, we’re sure you’ll find something for you and your dog here.