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Green Martingale Collars

Our Green Martingale Collars will ensure your dog stands out from the crowd in style. Durable, machine washable, and effortlessly stylish, these collars boast a wide range of patterns all based on green, so you’re certain to find the right collar for your pooch. Look through our collection today and find something you like, choose your size, and enjoy your new collar.

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Bright, Bold, and Beautiful Green Martingale Collars

Green is one of our most popular colors for collars here at If It Barks, and it’s easy to see why. Green is not only bright and stands out, but it also goes with almost any color coat. Whether your dog has a black, brown, grey, or white coat, any of the Green Martingale Collars below will go effortlessly with it.

Perhaps you have another reason for choosing green. Maybe it’s the color of your team or it’s just your favorite color. Whatever your reason for choosing it, you’ll find every shade of green in the collars in this category.

Choose Your Style

While all of the collars in this category are based on green, as you can see they all look quite different. We’ve made an effort to create a range of styles to suit every personality, from striped to plaid to retro, and we’re sure something will stand out to you.

You can also choose from webbing, layered, fabric, hemp, and reflective materials depending on your personal style (and your dog’s). So browse through our collars, explore the different styles, and choose the one that’s right for you and your pup.

Want a Leash with That?

Why not get your pup a stylish new leash to go with your new collar? We’ve got a range of matching Green Dog Leashes to choose from so feel free to explore. And if you’d prefer a standard collar rather than a martingale collar, check out our Green Dog Collars instead. 

Start Searching for Your New Collar

Our collars are hand-sewn locally, machine washable, fully adjustable, and built to last. You know you’re getting quality when you shop at If It Barks. We hope you love our Green Martingale Collars, so find the perfect collar today and make sure your dog looks the part on your walks.