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Italian Greyhound Collars & Martingales

Iggies are smaller dogs, and we’ve got a range of smaller collars that are perfect for them. Browse through our collection of Italian Greyhound Collars below, and check out our martingales if you want a collar that prevents your dog from backing out. We’ve got a huge range of collars in all colors and styles, so find your new collar today.

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Beautiful Collars for Italian Greyhounds

Your Iggy is unique, so find them a unique collar to match. At If It Barks, we stock a large selection of Italian Greyhound Collars that are perfect for your pooch. Due to the smaller nature of Iggies, you’ll probably want a smaller collar. All of our collars come in a range of sizes and are fully adjustable, so you won’t have a problem there. 

We also provide a wide selection of martingales, which are perfect for Italian Greyhounds because they prevent your dog from backing out with their smaller skulls. They are also useful if you are training a pup or if your dog pulls too much.

Dozens of Fun and Stylish Patterns

Which style goes best with your Italian Greyhound? Only you can say! But hopefully you’ll find something that stands out to you in our extensive collection. We’ve got layered, webbing, and reflective collars depending on the material that you prefer, and they come in a range of styles including dots, stripes, geometric patterns, and retro styles. You can even mix and match colors until you find the perfect one to go with your dog.

Many More Collars to Choose From

We are proud to provide collars and leads for all dogs of every size and breed, so if you’re looking for something else you will find it here. From our Pitbull Collars to Fancy Dog Collars, and our extensive collection of colorful leads, you don’t have to look far to find exactly what you need.

Find Your New Collar Here Today

All of our Italian Greyhound Collars & Martingales are handmade in North Carolina, and they are as tough as they get. Even better, you can wash your new collar in the washing machine to keep it looking like new for longer, and they are all fully adjustable. Finally, don’t forget to personalize the buckle to keep your Italian Greyhound even safer when out and about.