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Large Dog Collars & Martingales

Our Large Dog Collars provide comfort and security for bigger dogs. Every dog is different, and our range reflects that, so browse through our extensive collection here. If you’re looking for big dog collars, martingales and standard collars are both options we include in our range. Choose your color, material, and style right here, then customize your order to find the perfect collar for your larger dog.

Large Dog Collars for XL Dogs

From Great Danes to Irish Wolfhounds, large dog breeds are a whole lot of fun! But normal collars are often too small for them, pulling unnecessarily and causing discomfort. So give your dog the comfort and security they need by choosing an XL dog collar from our large collection.

Where Comfort Meets Style

You're looking for Extra Large XL Dog Collars because you want to make sure your dog is comfortable all day long, especially when you’re out walking. But you also want a collar that will look great. So make your dog the envy of all the others in the park with a large dog collar that boasts a stylish design and durable build.

Choose from Standard and Martingale Collars

We provide both standard collars and martingale collars for large dogs. Martingale collars are perfect for dogs that pull or for training purposes, but standard collars are also great. It all depends on your dog and his or her personality. We know that every dog (and owner!) is different, so the choice is yours.

Explore Our Other Collars

If you’re looking for big dog collars, you might also be interested in our Wide Dog Collars and Heavy Duty Dog Collars. Again, these all come in a range of styles and designs to match your pooch’s personality, so check them out.

Find Your New Big Dog Collar

Feel free to browse our collection and check out our designs. We’re sure you’ll find something you like. And remember—all our collars are handmade, machine washable, and fully adjustable. You can even personalize the buckle and choose a custom size!

Don’t hesitate to ask if we can help you in your search because we’re always delighted to answer your questions. We hope you and your pooch love our large dog collars as much as we do!