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Pink Martingale Collars

If you want your pooch to look pretty in pink, you can start by choosing one of our Pink Martingale Collars below. There is no cuter way to make your pup stand out on your walks than by dressing her up in one of our beautiful colors. And while these may be pretty, they’re also super tough, so browse through all our pink collars below and find yours today.

Beautiful Pink Collars for Your Prettiest Pup

If you love everyone commenting on how beautiful your dog is when you’re out walking, one of our Pink Martingale Collars is the perfect choice for you. Not only do you benefit from the excellent restraining qualities of a martingale collar, but you get a beautiful and feminine pink design that is sure to turn heads.

Pink goes well with most coat colors, but it’s especially attractive when paired with a grey or black coat. Of course, your dog doesn’t have to be a girl to look stunning in pink. But you know your dog best, and if you’ve got your heart set on pink, you are in the right place.

Get a Pink Leash to Go with Your Collar

If you’re searching for a pink collar, why not go ahead and find yourself a matching leash to go with it? Our Pink Dog Leashes are just what you’re looking for to complete the set. And if you don’t need a martingale, you can always choose a standard option from our range of Pink Dog Collars. And if we can help you in your search, just let us know. 

Pretty But Tough

Our pink collars may be pretty, but they’re built to last just like all our collars. Choose from a range of durable materials including webbing, layered, fabric, and hemp. We’ve even got reflective collars. You can put yours through the wash whenever it needs a clean, and as with all our collars, they are handmade and fully adjustable. You can even choose your own custom size.

Pick Out Your New Collar

This is the place to start your search if you’re looking for a new pink collar. Our range of Pink Martingale Collars come in all sizes and styles, so browse the models above and find something you like. Then enjoy taking your dog out with both of you knowing how fabulous they look.