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Sighthound Collars & Martingales

Sighthounds are beautiful and graceful dogs, as you already know. We have a large collection of sighthound collars to match your dog’s style and character, and you can find these right here on this page. We’ve also got martingales that help prevent your sighthound’s head backing out of the collar to provide added security and comfort. So choose your style, color, and material, and find your new collar here today.

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High-Quality Handmade Collars for Sighthounds 

Sighthounds are stunning dogs—and they deserve a collar that matches their graceful appearance. Sighthounds come in a range of colors from white to black, so there is no one style of collar that will suit them best. Instead, we have put together a selection of sighthound collars to suit all colors and personalities.

As you’ll see, we have many martingales in our collection. These are popular with sighthound owners because this breed is characterized by a fairly small skull, which means sighthounds often back out of standard collars.

Handmade, Durable, and Machine Washable

All of the Sighthound Collars you’ll find on this page are handmade locally to the highest standards, ensuring they can put up with anything no matter your dog gets up to. At the same time, the strong materials (all sourced in the USA) provide security and comfort for your dog whether they are relaxing at home or out on a walk. And whether your dog suits a collar that is stripy, dotted, colorful, or plain, we are certain you’ll find just the thing you’re looking for here.

Collars for All Shapes, Sizes, and Styles

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Get a New Collar for Your Sighthound Today

Whether you’re looking for standard collars or martingales for your Sighthound, you won’t have to look far to find the right one for your dog. Don’t miss out on the chance to customize the buckle when you’ve chosen your collar, and please remember that if you have any questions are always here to help.