Small Dog Collars & Martingales

Whether you have a new pup or your dog is a smaller breed, you need a small dog collar that is secure, comfortable, and stylish. That’s what you’ll find in our collection of Small Dog Collars on this page. All of our collars are made to the highest standards from strong and comfortable materials, and our martingales are perfect for preventing your dog backing from out of their collar.

The Best Small Collars for Little Dogs

If your dog is on the smaller side due to their age or their breed, you’re going to need a collar that is the right size for them. Our Small Dog Collars combine high-quality materials, strength, durability, and original designs to ensure you can find what you need. And if your small dog backs out of standard collars, or you are training a new pup, you’ll find our martingales particularly useful.

Secure, Strong, and Attractive Collars

Our Small Dog Collars may be on the smaller side, but that’s not to say they are not strong. In fact, our handmade collars are made to high standards using durable materials like hemp and strong fabric, and many of them come with strong buckles as well, so you are investing in a collar that will last a long time.

And don’t forget to check out our martingales. Small dogs with smaller skulls can sometimes back out of standard collars, which can be dangerous for them. Martingales prevent this, helping you to enjoy safer and more comfortable walks when you take your smaller dog out.

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Find Your New Small Dog Collar Today 

We are proud to provide a range of Small Dog Collars and martingales in a huge selection of colors, styles, and materials. We hope you enjoy looking through them today and that you find one you like for your puppy or small dog.

Remember, all of these collars can be personalized on the buckle, they are all handmade to order, and they are machine washable. So find your small dog the perfect collar in our collection today.