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Whippet Collars & Martingales

We’ve got the perfect collar for your whippet here at If It Barks. These medium-sized dogs need collars that are comfortable and secure, and that’s why we also provide a wide range of martingales, which are perfect for training and to prevent your dog from backing out. Explore our range of whippet collars below and find one for your dog today.

Your Whippet Will Love Our Collars

We love whippets here at If It Barks, and we provide a huge range of collars that are perfect for this wonderful breed. Whippets are beautiful dogs, and they need beautiful collars to match. They are also medium-sized dogs, so it’s important to find the right collar size to match the size of your dog for optimal security and comfort.

We’re sure we’ve got you covered with our range of whippet collars above. Not only do these come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, but we also provide martingales as well. These are ideal if you are training your pup or if your whippet keeps backing out of the collar, which is common in small and mid-sized dogs. So look through our collection and find your next collar today.

Beautiful Collars for Your Beautiful Whippet

Whippets are such fantastic dogs, and we wanted to create a collection of collars that will do them justice. We hope we’ve succeeded! As you can see from the collars above, we provide a huge range of styles to choose from, including a rich selection of patterns, colors, and materials.

If your whippet is a puller, or you’re still in the training phase, one of our martingales might be the perfect option for you. Whippets can sometimes pull out of standard collars, and a high-quality martingale prevents this from happening without causing any discomfort to your pooch.

Explore Our Other Products

Of course, if you’re looking for another type of collar, then we are certain to have it at our store. We also stock Heavy Duty Dog Collars, Puppy Collars, and many other varieties. And don’t forget to check out our matching leashes too!

Get Your Whippet a Brand New Collar 

Look through our Whippet Collars & Martingales today to find the perfect collar for your precious whippet. Once you’ve found one that you know will look great on your dog, you can choose your style and even personalize the buckle for extra security. So go on, find your new collar today!