Biothane Dog Collars & Martingales

Our Biothane Dog Collars are 100% waterproof and offer the best style for your active adventure companion. These collars are made to hold up to the elements, whether that means splashing in puddles or swimming in the ocean. Our Biothane material holds up against unpleasant smells and is quick and easy to clean. Explore our collection below and find the collar that’s perfect for your pooch.

Waterproof Biothane Dog Collars for Outdoor Adventure 

Our Waterproof Biothane Collar series is the perfect fit for dogs who love puddles, swimming, and all outdoor adventure activity! Customize a collar that will hold up to your active lifestyle. Our waterproof collars are made of the highest grade Biothane material that repels water and unpleasant smells. These quality collars are easy to clean and built to last through endless adventures.

Designs for All Personalities 

Personalize your Biothane collar with our custom sizing options, bright and fun color choices, engraved name plate options, and matching leash sets. No matter what your pooch’s personality, you’ll be able to find them the perfect collar to match.

Get Your New Collar Today 

We are proud to be able to provide a wide range of high-quality Waterproof Biothane Dog Collars. Browse the collection above and find one that stands out to you.