Designer Fabric Martingale

If you want something really special for your dog, our Designer Fabric Martingale Collars are exactly what you need. These collars are not only handmade, durable, and comfortable, but they also come in a huge range of special designs to make sure your dog stands out from the crowd. So browse the collection below and find your Designer Martingale here today.

For Dogs that Want to Stand Out

If you want your dog to stand out on his or her walks, you need a collar with style. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here with our extensive range of Designer Fabric Martingale Collars. Martingales are perfect for training a new pup or for restricting your dog safely if they pull too much. And with one of our designer fabrics, your new collar will really give your dog the wow factor.

Patterns and Styles for Every Dog

Just take a look over the collars above and you’ll see we have colors and patterns for every style. From fun geometric patterns to bright dots, stripes, and gingham patterns, we’ve got it all. The collars above are all completely different, and the only thing they have in common is that they all have bright and bold designs. Whatever your dog’s size, shape, breed, or personality, you’ll find something for them here.

And because all of the collars here have been handmade using materials sourced right here in the USA, they are incredibly tough and long lasting. They are also soft against your dog’s neck, and you can clean them with ease by putting them through the wash whenever you need to.

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Find Your Stylish New Collar 

Make your dog the envy of all the others when you go on your walks with a stylish and original collar that stands out. Choose from our selection of Designer Fabric Martingale Collars, and don’t forget that you can choose the size and hardware. You can even personalize your collar with your dog’s name.