Plaid Dog Collars & Martingales

Plaid Dog Collars provide you with an easy way to make your dog look fabulous. All of our collars on this page, including both standard dog collars and martingales, boast stunning plaid patterns in a range of colors. And while they may look beautiful, these collars are super tough and durable. Choose yours here today.

Pretty Plaid Designs for Your Stylish Pooch

Our Plaid Dog Collars are some of our most popular designs here at If It Barks, so we’ve gathered them together in a single collection to make choosing one easier. We’ve got a huge selection of colors and beautiful plaid designs to choose from, and we can provide both standard collars and martingales according to your needs. So take a look through them and find one that stands out to you today.

Get a Pretty Lead to Match

If there’s one thing your pretty new collar needs, it’s a pretty lead to accompany it. We’ve got you covered. Start by checking out our Pink Dog Leashes and Pretty Dog Collars, but we’ve got plenty of other colors as well.

Pretty Collars that Are Built to Last 

We think you’ll agree that our Plaid Dog Collars look fantastic. We love this design, and so do our customers. They come both standard and martingales, so if your dog is a bit of a puller or you are training a new pup, you can get a collar that helps you both enjoy a safer and more comfortable walk.

Want a plaid collar with a beautiful bow tie attached? We’ve got those too. You can even choose the type of buckle you want as well as the width of the collar. We’ve got so many sizes to choose from, so start your search and find your perfect collar.

Find Your New Plaid Collar Here

Our Plaid Dog Collars are some of our most popular designs, and we hope you like them as much as we do. Whatever color or material you choose, your collar will be handmade to order to the highest standards to ensure it doesn’t just look fantastic but can put up with anything your dog can throw at it. Give us a shout if we can help you with anything, and enjoy searching for your new collar today.