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Red Dog Leashes

Take a look through our stunning collection of Red Dog Leashes & Leads below and find a new lead for your pooch today. We have a large selection of styles and materials to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect red lead for your dog. Start your search here, and don’t forget to personalize your lead at the checkout.

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Choose a Bright and Bold Red Leash for Your Dog

Red is the color of energy and excitement, and if that reflects your dog’s personality, you are definitely in the right place. Red is bold and easy to spot, making it a practical as well as attractive color for your lead. It also goes well with almost any coat color, and especially with neutral colors like black, white, and gray. We’ve got a range of Red Dog Leashes & Leads right here, so take a look above and see which design stands out to you.

Choose Your Style—We’ve Got Lots! 

Striped, gingham, reflective, layered—we’ve got all the options right here when you choose your new red lead. We even have a hemp lead with subtle colors that you can mix and match. We know that every dog is different, so we wanted to provide a wide range of options to make sure you find the perfect lead for your dog. So start looking today and we hope you find something you like.

Get a Red Collar to Match

If you are thinking about getting a red lead for your pooch, you might want to get a matching red collar too. We’ve got loads of red collars to choose from, including both standard Red Dog Collars and Red Martingale Collars. So don’t forget to take a look at them while you’re here.

Find Your Stunning New Lead Today

Start searching through our beautiful Red Dog Leashes and Leads on this page, and once you find one you like you can choose the perfect length and width. You can also personalize your leash with your dog’s name if you want to.

All of our leashes are handmade to order here in North Carolina, so as soon as you’ve made your order we’ll get your new leash shipped out to you within 1-2 business days so you can start using it right away.